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Presentation of the International Investment Law Centre (IILCC)

International investment law deals with the international law protection of foreign investment and is assigned to international economic law. It is based on a global network of currently more than 3,000 bilateral and multilateral international agreements (so-called investment promotion agreements) and is constantly evolving. The increasing number of investor-state arbitration cases over the years, as well as the public discussions surrounding the conclusion of international trade agreements such as CETA or TTIP, also clearly show the great practical relevance of this area of law for business, society and politics.

Founded in 2008, the International Investment Law Center Cologne (IILCC) has set itself the task of analyzing the development and ever-increasing complexity of international investment law, preparing it scientifically and actively helping to shape it. The Center is managed by the Board and the Management. These are supported by an advisory board as well as by advisers from science and practice. A short presentation of the IILCC and its activities can be downloaded here.

Since its foundation, research and teaching at the IILCC has been made possible by the generous support of numerous sponsors. Thanks to the commitment of Santander Universities, the endowed junior professorship for International Investment Law, International Law and Public Law could be established in 2018.

The research projects of the IILCC cover all areas in connection with the international law protection of foreign investments as well as investor-state dispute resolution. A particular focus is on the development of online databases. The Digest of International Investment Law Jurisprudence contains a detailed analysis and systematic treatment of investment arbitration awards. The IILCC documents investment disputes with German participation on the website German Investment Treaty Disputes. Also worth mentioning is the Handbook on International Investment Law, published in cooperation with the IILCC, which analyzes over more than 2,000 pages all the key aspects and constellations of international investment law.

Through regular events such as the Lectures on International Investment Law, the Krickenbecker Circle on International Investment Law or the Program for Visiting Scholars, the IILCC promotes the dialogue between science and practice. A platform for junior scientists is offered by the investment law doctoral seminars organized by the IILCC. Outstanding dissertations and other relevant research appear regularly in the International Investment Law Series published in cooperation with the Center.

Another main task of the Center is the practical training of students in international investment law at the University of Cologne. The courses of the IILCC are aimed at all students interested in international business law. In the area of focus as well as in the context of the LL.M. study, investment law lectures can be counted as examinations.


Since its creation, the IILCC is generously supported by distinguished cooperation partners. Find out more about the Santander Universities and our other supporters here.