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UN Investment Support Programme for the Least Developed Countries

As a proud partner of the UN Investment Support Programme for the Least Developed Countries, the IILCC contributes its scientific expertise to legal practice.

The Investment Support Programme for the Least Developed Countries was initiated by the United Nations (UN) and supports the world's poorest developing countries in investment law issues through its roster of experts. The programme is coordinated by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), an international organization based in Rome, on behalf of the UN.

The IILCC has been an official partner of the programme since September 2018.  Inquiries from governments, state-owned enterprises and private investors from eligible countries can thus be forwarded by IDLO to the IILCC. The IILCC board of directors decides on the acceptance of a project on a case-by-case basis. Projects can relate to the training of government representatives, support in investment-related negotiations or investment arbitration proceedings.

Through its involvement in the Investment Support Programme, the IILCC actively contributes to ensuring that the less experienced and financially strong players also have access to investment law expertise. Further information about the programme can be found here.


UC London

For several years, the IILCC has been collaborating with the University College London (UC London). As a result, joint events such as doctoral seminars (further information can be found here) and the Training Workshop for the FDI Moot Court 2019 took place. 


Kenyatta University

Recently, the IILCC has also been cooperating with Kenyatta University, the second largest university in Kenya. On 13 January 2021 the first joint event on 'Reform and Entrenchment in International Investment Law' took place via Zoom. Further events on international economic law are being planned.